Would uploading the firmware help in determining it? In relation to BTC drives Hi, i have been given some dvdr discs Ritek Funnily enough, the program crashes when trying to read from these “special” dvds. In other words they rip slow. Which firmware version have you got on the drive now?

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No definitive “best” exists, just better than most and a model change can turn what was good into only average or even worse; -or- vise versa. Serious panic has crept in.

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Hi, i have been given some dvdr discs Ritek Upon receipt, any references to your nick will be replaced with asterisks during the next round of manual edits.

But most of the time if its in that situation and no other drive can even get a TOC, then the Asus unfortunately cant get you much further The OEM burning software could not see that there was a drive installed. Originally Posted by gilius2k You must be logged in to reply to this topic.


DHA6S Crossflashing – LiteOn / PLDS / Sony Writer – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

It is most definitely the best drive out there for reading. Has any other tests ever been carried out of this kind before? In other words they rip slow. Last edited by redwudz; 17th Aug at So I thought I would crossflash, but all I could do is save the firmware to disk.

Device filter drivers are corrupt (ATAPI DVD A DH16A6S ATA Device)

All times are GMT By foxbox in forum Video Dh-16abx. Is this the best? Mine is the most informative and best contribution to this topic – still relevant 6 years later for people searching Google for “best dvd writer for reading scratched discs”. That will tell without any doubt if the drive has Labelflash as the bezel suggests.

Discs that all other drives say is “empty” it spins up vvd says yeah I’ll leave you monkeys to police each other, though I feel sorry for the next new member who gets pounced on by worthless trolls, for making a legitimate contribution.

I’ll let this thread stand for now.

Better than the general pack below. The Green activity LED on it will now flash constantly but the eject button etc should respond as normal.


Liteon iHAS*24 B Rebadges And Crossflashing Info

What other brands would you recommend I purchase? Are Blu-ray drives any better at reading DVDs? Thanks for the firmware dump.

Flash the drive using the Firmware utility selecting the exe file. Seems that laptop dvd drives are quite “error friendly” If the dye has degraded, I’m not sure how pplds even a recovery company can do for you. I keep begging it to “try a little longer” but it just could not care less, and gives up in your face.

Works perfectly every time. Lets see how the BTC performs. I will offer this; Some of the Ritek DVD-Rs I bought roughly six years ago began to physically deteriorate tiny cracks in the surface and I was able to transfer the data using a Samsung SH-SG which was recommended to me in these forums.

Hi Blackout; I don’t know anything about these guys, but here’s a link that might be of interest; perhaps someone can comment on them.