NetGear Upgrade Well being a long time Net Gear user and familiar with their product, I opted to try this model Net Gear router due to a lightening strike knocking out my old Net Gear router which had been in constant service for the last 6 years, seems I had to jump through a few hoops setting up my original Net Gear router but had read some good reports on this RP This device does use less power than one of their newer 5 port gigabit switches. Not good for businesses, you do have to reboot occasionally. Very user friendly I would highly recommend for a hard wire router. Moreover, robust firewall protection enables the NetGear RP 4-port router to safeguard your network from a multitude of malicious attacks. Well setup is easy and all. The router allows you to share your Internet connection between several computers that can connect via 4 standard RJ Ethernet ports.

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Truncating it to 12 worked fine.

Very satisfied with my purchase!! I am very pleased with the purchase and support.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Hank Adkins from A real workhorse Networking building to building and room to room is jetgear and easy. Broadband Forums General Discussions. Default Passwords User Stories. No additional software or drivers necessary. It just drops the Internet connection out of the blue and I need to reset the router and most of the time computer too to restore it.


Update Gp614 Zip Code. Some of the first consumer routers came out of Netgear, and they have been a major player in the home networking scene. Well setup is easy and all.

I’ll never buy another Notgear product again. Most relevant reviews See all 24 reviews.

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I will never buy another Netgear again, I’m just glad I didn’t spend too much on it. This makes it an excellent starting point for setting up a home network.

Cool Links SpeedGuide Teams. After 3 months failed completely, however can be used as a hard netgfar router with the 4 connections.

RP614v2 – 4 Port Cable or DSL Router with 10/100 Mbps Switch

This device does use less power than one of their newer 5 port gigabit switches. I built a dollar pc to route my traffic instead. Simple Installation The smart wizard utility makes installation a breeze, even for novice users. I did some investagating and decided to put the firmware from the v3 into mine the v2. Skip to main content.

Just me 2 cents.


Netgear RP614 Review

They led me through the process and everything is working fine. I get this free as a virgin media customer, i would have to say its the best router i have had. I am a professional web worker The router also features a firewall to protect you from malicious software that can attack your computer from the Internet, making it an excellent choice for your home network. After the latest firmware update to english and all, the reset problem went away, but the uploading rate just tanks so bad, and this affects ping greatly.

Later revisions seem to be more stable. I was developing a serious HATE for this equipment and thought about getting something else Wireless Networks and WEP.

See details for additional description. My old router quit after a power failure so I needed a replacement. Even pinging the router fails, not because it can’t find it, but because of timeouts. A bit of feedback to anyone who might actually make these devices: I run a small networking business.