Bluetooth stereo connectivity cuts the. This might be for you! All black with a shiny chrome bezel around the front edge, it slightly resembles some BlackBerry designs, such as the Storm and the Bold Turn your speaker system back on. Sonos, smart assistants and stepping stones:

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Also lurking on front is an LED — you know you always have to have one — which gives you an interpretation of status via the medium of colour and flash. Control Tunes control your tunes Playback controls on your speaker can be used when control your tunes listening to wireless music streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled music player that also provides remote control capabilities AVRCP. Of course, your phone will need to support voice dialing and commands jotorola this to work properly.

Motorola ROKR EQ5 Quick Start Manual

Is it right for you? The front of the device is split between the two speaker grills and a central control area, sporting the ubiquitous Moto badge.

Sonos, smart assistants and stepping stones: The Good The Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speakers have an attractive design, well-designed controls, and some unique, easy-to-use features. Log in or Sign up. Of course ew5 is the bonus of the device being wireless, and you also can answer and make phone calls with the Moto EQ5 as well.

As far as usefulness and functionality as a whole, I definitely find the EQ5 to suit my desires.


Verdict The real strength of the EQ5 is in its design. Motorola have always been motorloa of the Moto accessory and over the summer they launched a range of speakers to keep you noisy on the move.

The EQ5 won’t show any kind of caller ID but you can make calls with the speakers by using voice dialing.


The best Black Friday deals of Page 4 while on a call When a call is active, the main indicator light slowly while on a call pulses in blue on your speaker. It’s clearer, louder and has a much more dynamic range than any built-in speaker I’ve personally heard on a phone. This device is really useful. As mentioned, there are mootrola visor-mounted speakerphones for cars but when placed eq a table they don’t stand up easily, making it difficult to control the direction of the sound.

Although mid- and low-range sounds were clean mtoorola strong, we noticed distortion at maximum volume, especially during the plucked acoustic guitar intro on “Citrus” by The Hold Steady. I have been searching for the perfect complement to my iPhone; an external speaker that sounds great, small, portable and asks like a phone. Beastie Boys Sonos Play: I am really trying hard to find any distinguishable take-away from this device, but it is almost perfect from every perspective.

The top-mounted call button also avoids phone-fiddling as it will let you answer incoming calls as well jotorola access voice-dialling, depending on your handset features.


Motorola EQ7 & EQ5 Bluetooth speakers

Don’t have an account? Email Firstname Name Comment. Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speaker review: I’m not typically one to pay attention to listed dimensions on websites when ordering things, unless I’m buying clothes and sometimes not even then.

The one you’ve been waiting for. CNET may get a commission from these offers.

Turn your phone back on and make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on in both the phone and motorrola device. If you should leave it in the house and forget to take it with you when you travel, you are without your speakerphone and-in the jurisdiction of some cities and states-without communication, thus negating its entire purpose.

Get Google Assistant on Sonos One if you agree to some extraordinary rules. Sound quality is marginally better through a wired connection we used a Creative Zen Mozaicavoiding the occasional drop out typical of Bluetooth speakers. What about those of us who love to listen to music or watch movies and YouTube videos on our phones but don’t feel the equipped external speaker is adequate?

It’s good for adding music to a workout, while reading, hanging out on the deck or porch, or while getting ready for your day.