You may now be wondering why this older version of the driver hasn’t rendered your card functional. Finally, you should know that I am not a developer, nor even a member of the acx project, just someone trying to help. Use this command ‘template’ to copy the files: Understand that this is not exactly how things should really be done, but appears to be a necessary hack to compile this driver module on SuSE 9. You can verify that the old driver was moved by typing: Menu items for this are typically: There is an outside chance that your chosen distro doesn’t use packages at all and therefore there is no package manager Linux From Scratch LFS comes to mind , if that’s the case, and you’re new to Linux, then I respectfully suggest you switch to a distro that uses packages until you are more familiar with Linux.

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Craig’s ACX100/111 Guide for Linux

Your info regarding the other fields will most likely be different than mine, that’s ok, all we’re looking for here is association. If you’re having trouble mounting the media or copying the source tarball file to your home directory then see the troubleshooting section for this.

Next, change to your home directory in your now non-root console by typing: Then you’ll need to use the actual IP linuux of wlan0 instead of scx100 interface name in the above ping command. If your wireless router or access point is 22Mbps or more capable, then once things are working, you can go back and set the rate higher, or you can just let auto-rate do it for you.

If something here fails see the troubleshooting section for this.

The ACX/ACX/TNETW wireless network driver project (Linux, BSD)

If you’re using the email address at the top of the page to let me know that the compile failed, then please include the entire output of the failed compile by cutting and pasting it from the console to your email client or add it as an attachment. Chipsets internal to these devices have and will change unannounced, you must verify before continuing in order to save yourself the headache of trying to use the wrong driver with your device. So, on that system, the IP address returned for wlan0 was I recommend you leave the rest of the lines alone for now.


It can be either the kernel version your kernel-source version does not match your running kernel’s versionor the target CPU i, PII, PIII, P4, Athlon, i, etcor the version of gcc that was used to compile the acx module does not match the version that was used to compile the running kernel.

The tool may work, or, it may not, and if it fails, it will most certainly do a number of things that will have to be undone, and, not having every version of every Linux distro installed on my machines, I won’t be able to tell you what needs to be “undone”. I’m going to repeat that again: Obviously, if you’re here, your card was not recognized, so they are probably not installed.

Successful output looks like this:.

When you decide to upgrade to a newer version of the acx driver, after running make and make installbe sure to replace the “acx Here we see mine: Unless you’re using Knoppix, I don’t recommend that you solve the missing kernel-source issue by downloading what looks like a match from http: Once you have your wireless and networking settings recorded and the source code and firmware tarballs in hand, if you are not already booted to Linux, go ahead and do so.

New Drivers  HP 3115M DRIVER

Association between your wireless access point and your wireless card is very similar to having the wire plugged into a regular, wired ethernet card.

If your card was identified as a c: Finally, once you’ve installed or verified the presence of your kernel-source package, you’ll want to make sure that a file named. Do not install just gcc, there are a host of other utilities needed along with gcc, install the whole package. The most linx cause is incorrect or missing firmware, please revisit the section in the acx team’s readme acx In keeping with this warning, I do not want to hear from people trying to use earlier versions and WEP with their acx devices.

Be sure to substitute your “normal” username and the correct filename rc. You’ll need to do the appropriate research for your distribution in order to determine how to bring up their ‘Package Manager’.

acx – Debian Wiki

Next, verify the presence of the correct version of the kernel source, type: While not necessary for compiling, you will absolutely need them to configure and test your device. If you do not meet with success from all of the commands above, then you’ll need to install the appropriate package s on your system.

As such, my instructions on how to use your distribution’s package management to install any missing ‘packages’ are intentionally quite generic. If you have trouble unpacking the file, see the troubleshooting section for this.

Donations to the project will be used to further it’s development, testing and feature-set, so please, if you are able, make a donation. Your kernel version numbers 2.

First, change to the acx